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Automation Accessories Application

Pharmaceutical Factory

Application of automatic control system in pharmaceutical factory. Pharmacy automation ensures that pharmacies: reduce gaps in R&D and manufacturing; shorten product time to market; commercial production that reduces losses from R & D; streamline manufacturing and verification processes; ensure compliance with regulations; and provide GAMP for projects.

Textile Factory

With the continuous development of the textile industry, in order to meet the requirements of high automation, high efficiency, high reliability, and high precision of the modern textile industry, programmable controllers, human-machine interfaces, servo systems, and variable frequency drives have been widely used in the textile industry. The demand for equipment with a high degree of automation, less labor, and the ability to increase the rate of differentiation is increasing.

Juson Automation offers faster response, faster quotation, faster goods collection, faster delivery to save the loss when the machine is breakdown.

Chemical Plant

When the electrical automation technology is applied to the control of chemical production equipment, it can control the devices such as electronic instruments, electronic governor equipment, electronic throttle devices and automatic temperature adjustment and automatic shutdown involved in chemical products to achieve the control of chemical production. When electrical automation technology is applied to chemical production, in addition to being used for the automatic control of chemical equipment, there are also safety protection functions and related auxiliary structures for the equipment.

Juson Automation not only supplies the original factory sealed products, but also the second hand, refurbished and obsolete products to save the factories’ cost.

Oil Extraction

In recent years, electrical automation technology has been used more and more widely in the oilfield exploitation process. After many years of application process, it has been proven that the application of electrical automation technology can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the probability of safety accidents, and keep equipment safe and effective Operation to improve oilfield efficiency.

Juson Automation sells the original new items to keep factory on the safe side.

Cement Plant

The application of electrical automation technology in cement production not only meets the actual requirements of modern cement production, but also ensures that production equipment is always in a safe and stable operating state, eliminates risk factors affecting the quality of cement products, rationally controls energy consumption, and greatly improves the efficiency of production line operations. At the same time, the automatic control technology can ensure that the cement production system is always in an automatic control state, and does not affect the normal operation of other automated instruments on the production site.
Juson Automation provides a wide range of spare parts to help factory one-stop servie and realize cost-effective.

Power Plant

The electric automation technology of the power plant is based on network communication and AC sampling. The continuous updating of the electric automation technology is very important for the development of the power plant. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of power plants and power stations, electrical automation systems are being widely used in major power plants and substations. Explore the application of electrical automation technology in power plants, and analyze and predict the development direction of electrical automation technology, to fundamentally improve the stability and professional level of power plant equipment operation.


Today, with the continuous improvement of intelligence and automation, the advantages of applying automation in the field of robots are constantly emerging. The gradual replacement of robots by robots will greatly improve the efficiency of industrial and agricultural production, and it will also have a very important role in China's economic development. The perfect combination of artificial intelligence and automation.


Laboratory-wide automation refers to the integration of different analytical instruments with pre- and post-analytical laboratory analysis systems in order to achieve the integration of one or more detection systems in the clinical laboratory, such as clinical biochemistry, hematology, immunology and other systems Connected through automation and information networks.




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