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Shenzhen Juson Automation Company Limited.

We are a professional supplier of automation accessories, providing one-stop mechanical parts service for factories. As a Fortune 500’s partner, more than 100 world brands’ accessories are covered in our catalog. (Including Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Honeywell, etc.)


There are over 20 countries in the world that have a good cooperative relationship with us. We have also provided industrial spare parts for hundreds of well-known companies such as Pakistan, Qatar National Grid, Saudi Wind Power, Philippine National Shipyard and Argentine Peugeot Automobile Factory, etc.



All goods are brand new and sealed. Second hand items are also warranted for usage.



As the leading distributor, we have very competitive prices.



Fast delivery& lead time help our customers to get more opportunities.



Providing special& obsolete models which cannot be easily found in the market.

Automation accessories Automation accessories
Automation accessories Automation accessories

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Oil extraction Oil extraction

In recent years, electrical automation technology has been used more and more widely in the oilfield exploitation process. After many years of application process, it has been proven that the application of electrical automation technology can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the probability of safety accidents, and keep equipment safe and effective Operation to improve oilfield efficiency.
Juson Automation sells the original new items to keep factory on the safe side.
Pharmaceutical factory Pharmaceutical factory

Application of automatic control system in pharmaceutical factory. Pharmacy automation ensures that pharmacies: reduce gaps in R&D and manufacturing; shorten product time to market; commercial production that reduces losses from R & D; streamline manufacturing and verification processes; ensure compliance with regulations; and provide GAMP for projects.
Robot Robot

Today, with the continuous improvement of intelligence and automation, the advantages of applying automation in the field of robots are constantly emerging. The gradual replacement of robots by robots will greatly improve the efficiency of industrial and agricultural production, and it will also have a very important role in China's economic development. The perfect combination of artificial intelligence and automation.
Chemical plant
Chemical plant

When the electrical automation technology is applied to the control of chemical production equipment, it can control the devices such as electronic instruments, electronic governor equipment, electronic throttle devices and automatic temperature adjustment and automatic shutdown involved in chemical products to achieve the control of chemical production. When electrical automation technology is applied to chemical production, in addition to being used for the automatic control of chemical equipment, there are also safety protection functions and related auxiliary structures for the equipment.


Our greatest strength in this industry is to respond quickly.
Our 2-hour response plan is that we can give the customer the best solution within 2 hours.

What others say

   We’ve cooperated for 4 years, it is highly appreciated for your credit services and of course, this action help us a lots. The cash flow is important for a company. Thanks for your help and I am really happy to work with you.

Mr. Muhammad from Pakistan

    As the web is booming, we can see fierce competitive in every industrial. So, it is crucial for us to have partners who can give a bottom price. We think they are.

Mr. Jason from Malaysia

    The fast response is highlighted for us. Usually we decided the order in few hours. Many factories are working with us closely. When their machine is breakdown, Time is money for them, so do we. Juson do it perfectly in the past years.

Mr. Paul from Australia

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