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Norgren solenoid valve

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As an industrial automation control instrument, high-tech solenoid valve has become more and more widely used with the development of industry and the development of energy. Therefore, people also have higher requirements on the precision, applicability, reliability and service life. The products produced by Norgren solenoid valve companies must be able to withstand the test of the market before they can play a role in large-scale industrial projects.


Here is the content list:

  • What are the new product breakthroughs of Norgren solenoid valve?

  • How to carry out daily maintenance of solenoid valve?

  • How to choose suitable solenoid valve accessories?


What are the new product breakthroughs of Norgren solenoid valve?

How to better cooperate with smart meters is a difficult problem for Norgren solenoid Valve to improve the control accuracy and reliability of the system.

It is generally believed that the solenoid valve position adjustment is difficult to achieve high precision. However, in many occasions, as long as the proper method is adopted, the solenoid valve can be adjusted to achieve the required high precision, which greatly saves costs.

  • Double combined solenoid valve

This is a Norgren solenoid valve composed of a combination of different sizes. A large number of fuel dispensers with an accuracy of up to 0.02%.

The large valve is opened to make the refueling close to the scale in a short time; then the large valve is closed, and the small valve is supplemented to ensure flow accuracy.

  • Three-position solenoid valve and digital valve:

The spool of the three-position solenoid valve has three working positions. It is normally not energized and in a slightly open state. The valve provides initial flow; for one electrical signal, the solenoid valve will be fully opened and provides large flow; for another electrical signal, the valve will be closed.

The solenoid valve is also equipped with a manual device, so that it does not need to consume electricity when the valve is closed for a long time.

The three-position solenoid valve can be regarded as a more compact double solenoid valve, which can easily achieve three-position adjustment and has been used in many applications.

The further idea is that n solenoid valves of a certain size constitute 2n kinds of flow, similar to the digital circuit, this combination valve is called a digital solenoid valve.

  • Self-holding solenoid valve:

The self-holding solenoid valve only needs to be energized in an instant to complete the valve switching action, and the spool position does not need electricity to maintain.

Its advantage lies in saving energy, especially in the occasions where batteries are used as power sources. In this case, the increased temperature can be ignored, so that the coil has a long life and has higher safety in high and low temperature, explosion-proof and other occasions.


How to carry out daily maintenance of solenoid valve?

In the working state, the working pressure and working environment temperature of the solenoid valve may change, so special care and maintenance work is required. Discover changes in the working environment in time to avoid accidents.

The Norgren solenoid valve should be regularly overhauled, such as the removal of debris and the inspection of the wear of the sealing surface, and the replacement of parts if necessary.

1.        In order to ensure the cleanliness of the high precision solenoid valve, you can install some accessories according to the actual situation. The installation of the filter screen will reduce the entry of impurities into the solenoid valve, which will help reduce the wear of mechanical parts and extend the service life.

2.        For the solenoid valve that is put into use again, the operation test should be carried out before the formal work, and the impurities and condensate in the valve should be discharged.

3.        The solenoid valve that has been used for a long time requires detailed maintenance of the internal and external parts of the solenoid valve, especially the corners.

4.        The cleaning should not be too frequent, but it should not be ignored. If the Norgren solenoid valve is no longer used in the short term, after removing the valve from the pipeline, the exterior and interior should be cleaned.


How to choose suitable solenoid valve accessories?

As mentioned above, the life and performance of the solenoid valve will be largely affected by the environment, so the maximum and minimum temperature of the environment should be within the allowable range. If there is any deviation, a special order must be made.

If the relative humidity of the working environment is high, or in the face of water droplets and rain, you should choose a waterproof solenoid valve; if there are frequent vibrations, bumps and impacts in the environment, you should choose a special anti-collision solenoid valve.

In corrosive or explosive environments for the use of the solenoid valve in, the corrosion-resistant solenoid valve should be selected first according to the safety requirements; if the environmental space is limited, please use the multifunctional solenoid valve, because it saves the bypass and three manual valves, and is convenient for online maintenance.


From the continuous high requirements for solenoid valve and the high standards of the manufacturer, we can see the importance of Norgren solenoid valve products in industrial production. Among the many manufacturers, Shenzhen Juson Automation Company Limited. is a strong manufacturer worth recommending. We look forward to your order.




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