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How Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 works?

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Ultrasonic sensors are versatile in the sensor world and are suitable for almost any detection task in industrial applications. The object being detected may be solid, liquid, granular or powdered. Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect transparent or high-gloss objects as well as objects that change color. Ultrasonic sensors are extremely tolerant to dust, especially in harsh working environments, and their efficiency is particularly outstanding because the process reliability is not adversely affected by dust, smoke or similar conditions.



Characteristics of Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00

A traditional ultrasonic sensor is an instrument that measures the distance to an object using ultrasonic sound waves. By using a transducer, an ultrasonic sensor sends and receives ultrasonic pulses that relay back information about an object’s proximity. High-frequency sound waves reflect from boundaries to produce distinct echo patterns. Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 is an ultrasonic proximity sensor, which use reflected or transmitted ultrasonic waves to detect the presence or absence of a target component. The output is Boolean, that is, the sensor merely detects whether the target is or is not within the detection range.


Working principle of Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00

Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 emits and receives sound waves using the carrier signal. The carrier signal is a high frequency, inaudible sound emit wave. They detect the presence of the target object in one of two configurations. Depending on the application requirement, the ways Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 can be installed parallel those of photoelectric sensors. That is, they are setup for through-beam type sensing or a diffuse mode.


Diffuse or Reflective sensors have the transmitter and receiver packaged in the same housing. When a target enters the sensing range of the device, the ultrasonic waves are reflected back to the sensor. Opposed or Thru-Beam sensors have the transmitter and receiver packaged separately. The receiver is mounted facing the transmitter and when an object enters the sensing range of an opposed sensor, it blocks the transmitted signal. Rather than activating the trigger when the frequency is received, the trigger is activated when the signal is broken.


Because Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 uses sound rather than light, they can be used where photoelectric sensors have difficulty, such as in detecting clear plastic objects and labels, highly reflective surfaces that throw off optical sensors, or even liquid levels. They’re also immune to common contaminants such as dust, moisture, and ambient light. Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 can detect a variety of objects regardless of its material or surface properties. They are useful for object detection over intermediate distances, on the order of several feet.


For most sensing applications using ultrasonic sensors, it’s desirable to have a fairly narrow output beam in order to avoid reflections that could produce inaccurate readings. A wider beam will disperse over a greater area and may cause interference patterns that could cause inaccurate readings.


However, at close proximity they possess a blind spot and they may be interfered by some noises.  


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