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How to detect Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 good or bad?

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Ultrasonic proximity sensors are a common type of proximity sensor used in many manufacturing and automation applications. Mainly for object detection and distance measurement, they’re commonly used in food and beverage processing and various packaging applications.



Selection criteria for good Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00

When searching for Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00, sensing performance and carrier signal are the most important parameters to consider.


Sensing performance: sensor performance specifications include operating distance and repeatability. The rated working distance is the critical distance when the switch occurs. It is important to select a sensor that will operate in the desired inductive range. This can be determined by process requirements and installation options. Repeatability is the distance at which the sensor can be switched repeatedly. It's a measure of accuracy. Depending on the application, accuracy may be an important design criterion when selecting a sensor.


Carrier Signal: specifications describing a sensor's carrier signal include blind zone and transmitter frequency. The blind zone is the distance extending from the face of the sensor where no objects can be detected. The blind zone is equal to half the wavelength of the ultrasonic wave. The transmitter frequency is the range of broadcast and received signals, measured in hertz or waves per second.


Other considerations of Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00

Other considerations of Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 include switch performance, body type, electrical connections, and various features.


Electrical Switch Performance: depending on the power options available, power requirements may be a key specification when selecting a sensor. The device can be powered by either an AC or DC power source.


Load configurations are also important parameters to consider. Ultrasonic proximity sensors may switch an AC load or a DC load. DC load configurations can be NPN or PNP. As for 2-Wire DC circuitry, it typically includes a diode bridge in series with the sensor, allowing functionality either as NPN or PNP in a DC circuit. Acceptable values of leakage current must be evaluated in this type of circuit.


Body Type: ultrasonic proximity sensors are typically housed in either a barrel or rectangular housing. A barrel body style is cylindrical in shape. The barrel of the sensor is typically threaded so that with the help of two locknuts the sensor can easily be adjusted closer or further from the target as necessary. A rectangular or block body style is a one piece rectangular or block shaped sensor.


Electrical Connections: electrical connections for ultrasonic proximity sensors can be fixed cable, connector(s), and terminals.


There are a number of features that may be important to consider when selecting Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00. Field adjustable sensors are required when adjustments need to be made while the proximity sensor is in use. Potentiometers are commonly used to control the detection range. Self-teaching proximity sensors can be auto calibrated to trigger the switch at a specific target location. Materials of construction and enclosure ratings must be considered when the sensor will be located outdoors or exposed to extreme temperatures, or under the influence of wet, humid, dusty, dirty or corrosive process conditions.


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