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Introduction to the use of Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08

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When a motor is in an overhauling condition—that is, the load is moving faster than the designated motor speed—the motor acts as a generator and produces electrical energy from mechanical energy. This electrical energy, however, needs somewhere to go, and the most common way of dealing with its release is through dynamic braking. Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08 undoubtedly can play its part.


  • Product details of Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08

  • Features of Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08

  • Use of Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08


Product details of Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08

Model Number: 6SE7031-6EB87-2DA1

Category: Home/Siemens/AC Drives

Product Type: AC Drives

Type: Industry Automation

Place of Origin: Made in Germany



Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08 here refers to SIEMENS SINAMICS SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES BRAKING UNIT 6SE7031-6EB87-2DA1-Z M08. A braking unit or sometimes called a braking chopper is an electrical switch (IGBT) that limits the DC bus voltage by switching the braking energy to a resistor where the braking energy is converted to heat.


Features of Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08

It is suitable for different brand variable frequency drives. With flexible configuration, allows parallel applying with no capacity constraint. Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08 has wide range voltages, suitable for variety variable frequency inverters in different voltage levels, operation and termination voltage can be adjusted between DC250V to 800V. With high reliability design and using high quality components from good factories, adequate heat redundancy reserved and improve electromagnetic compatibility, Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08 are suitable for harsh industrial environments. It features unique user-friendly HMI interface with simple operation. With perfect protection functions (short circuit, under-voltage, over-voltage, overcurrent, overheating etc.), customers can set up different operation parameters, start-up mode and bus voltage according to different mechanical properties. The power resistors are optional and can customize resistance box.


Use of Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08

Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08 is mainly used in the variable frequency drive system requires fast deceleration, braking and positioning occasions. With dynamic braking, the electrical energy generated during stopping is released as heat through a voltage regulated transistor and resistor. There are actually two versions of a dynamic braking circuit: a “chopper” and a “dynamic brake.” The dynamic brake circuit includes the switching device (an insulated-gate bipolar transistor, or IGBT), the control circuit, and the resistor. Braking unit is used to consume regenerative energy from motor in the braking resistor at deceleration and to improve the inverter braking ability.


Generally speaking, as a braking unit, Siemens 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1-Z M08 is mainly used in high inertia, or needs sharp deceleration, braking occasions and other areas,  such as  centrifuges, washing machines, dryers, driving, elevators, cranes, mine hoist, textile machinery, paper machinery, wire drawing machine, winder etc.


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