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The main application of Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00

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With Ultrasonic Sensing’s unique advantages over conventional sensors and the rapidly increasing range of applications, ultrasonic sensors are widely accepted around the world for a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors in the harshest conditions. Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 is available in the manufacturing and the process industry, in industrial as well as in functional buildings. Then we will elaborate on the main application of Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00.


  • Application of Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00

  • Application in food processing

  • Objects and application in plants

  • Explosion protection

  • Personal safety

  • Application examples



The ultrasonic sensor is hinged with a swivel arm to the tubular enclosure of the signal evaluator. This allows rotation about the cylinder axes as well as perpendicular movement at about 100° to the cylinder axis.

Sonar proximity sensors can be used as non-contact proximity sensors in many fields of automation. Whenever distances through air have to be evaluated, these devices can be used, because they not only detect objects, but can also output and evaluate the absolute distance between the Sonar proximity sensors and the object. Changing environmental conditions (e.g. temperature variations) are compensated during evaluation of the measurement.

The wide range of areas of application for the ultrasonic sensors Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 gives full rein to the imagination:

• Fill level and height sensing

• Spacing measurement

• Winding diameter sensing

• Bottle counting, and much more

The sonar proximity sensors are extremely rugged and insensitive to dirt, vibration and ambient noise.


Application in food processing

For use in contact with food or corrosive chemicals, on request, the ultrasonic sensors can be protected with Teflon film and supplied in a stainless-steel enclosure.


Objects and application in plants

When it is a matter of sensing, counting, measuring, monitoring or positioning of solid, liquid, powder objects or granulates, and colored or transparent objects. Whether the surface of the object is rough or smooth, clean or dirty, wet or dry is of no consequence. Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 is always the right choice. Besides, the objects can enter the sound cone from any direction.

With equally sharpened senses and the right amount of intelligence, our ultrasonic sensors are equipped with IO-Link, and thus ensuring maximum plant availability and fault-free operation from the configuration through to the wiring.


Explosion protection

Siemens 3RG6014-3AF00 can be supplied in accordance with EU guideline 94/9/EG (ATEX) classification 3D/3G on request.


Personal safety

Due to their physical characteristics, the sensors cannot be used for safety-related applications (e.g. for the protection of personnel).


Application examples

Size measurement

Measurement of stack height, diameter and speed

Contour measurement

Lap/distance monitoring

Quality control and inspection

Position measurement/ recognition

Presence detection

Color recognition

Level management


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