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Development trend of instrumentation

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Instrumentation is very common in our lives, this article will introduce the application prospects of instrumentation.


This article contains the following:

  • What is instrumentation

  • The function of instrumentation

  • Development trend of instrumentation


1.What is instrumentation

Instruments are instruments or equipment used to detect, measure, observe, and calculate various physical quantities, material compositions, and physical property parameters. Vacuum leak detectors, pressure gauges, length gauges, microscopes, multipliers, etc. all belong to instrumentation.

Broadly speaking, instruments and meters can also have functions such as automatic control, alarm, signal transmission, and data processing. For example, pneumatic adjustment instruments and electric adjustment instruments used in automatic control of industrial production processes, and distributed instrument control systems also belong to Instrumentation.


2.The function of instrumentation

Instruments are an important prerequisite and fundamental guarantee for the development of science and technology. Any big leap in the history of human development is driven by huge innovations and fundamental changes based on tools. The development and innovation of scientific instruments as "tools" are often an important factor in stimulating technological innovation.

Instruments are an important guarantee for economic development and national defense security. The instrument is an indispensable basic condition for ensuring economic development and national security. First of all, the famous scientist Mr. Qian Xuesen pointed out: "The key technology of the new technology revolution is information technology. Information technology is composed of measurement technology, computer technology, and communication technology. Measurement technology is the key and foundation."

Instruments are an important force to promote the construction of a harmonious society. Global resource depletion, environmental pollution and other issues have become the bottleneck for the healthy development of society; food safety issues, public emergencies, disease diagnosis, flammable and explosive chemical hazards, etc. have brought serious impacts on people's lives The solution is inseparable from advanced detection technology and means.

Digital and intelligent

Because of the improvement of microelectronics skills, instrumentation products are further integrated with microprocessor and PC skills, and the digitization and intelligence of instruments and meters have been improved from time to time. Taking the concept of "DSPS" proposed by Texas Instruments as an example, with DSP chips as the center, we will make progress in the front of the complex signal circuit, ASIC circuit, components and development tools to provide the entire system processing solution. Many new technologies such as VLSI, SMT, multi-layer circuit board printing, wafer planning integration (WSI) and multi-chip module (MCM) are used in the instrumentation, CAD , CAM, CAPP, CAT and other computer assisted tricks, so that multimedia skills, human-computer interaction, trance control, artificial neuron collection and other new skills have been widely used in modern instruments.


3.Development trend of instrumentation

After the mid-20th century, with the emergence of automatic control theory and the maturity of automatic control technology, digital instruments based on the A/D (digital/analog conversion) link have developed rapidly.

With the rapid development and maturity of computers, communications, software, new materials, and new technologies, artificial intelligence and online measurement and control have become possible, making instruments more intelligent, virtual, and networked.

Digital instruments, intelligent instruments, personal computer instruments, virtual instruments and network instruments represent the mainstream and direction of the development of modern scientific instruments in the 20th century.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has placed sensors and intelligent instruments in an important position to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and supports the research and development and industrialization of sensors and intelligent instruments in the relevant resources of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Digitization is the basis of intelligent instruments, personal instruments and virtual instruments, and the prerequisite for computer technology to enter measurement instruments. Widely used in electronic digital computers, numerical control technology, communication equipment, digital instruments, etc., such as human first electronic digital computer ENIAC, Ai Shida metallurgical microscope, stereo microscope, X-ray inspection machine, etc.

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